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Helping you restore peace during this difficult time. Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners was built upon Superior Quality, Exceptional service and satisfaction Guaranteed. Our experts clean and restore your wardrobe, fine textiles & accessories, window treatment, and oriental rugs to their original splendor. We utilize over fifteen unique cleaning processes, and each program has been developed to remove smoke and order without harsh chemicals.

Emergency Clothing

Since the needs of our customers are our first concern all priority items are returned in 24 to 48 hours. One to two weeks of clothing and shoes are recommended for each household member. Our dedicated staff is available for additional deliveries as needed.

Pickup, Delivery & Storage

All inventory is taken from and returned to its original room and is stored in our secure, climate-controlled facility. We offer unlimited storage during the restoration process

State-of-the-art Inventory Control System

Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners utilizes a state-of-the art inventory system that records individual tag numbers, item descriptions, location, and price. Our efficiency and accuracy allows us to easily locate any items needed prior to final delivery.


As Specialists in dry cleaning restoration, Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners has a specific process to handle any type of loss that would affect garments. Our services include odor remediators, soot removal from puff-backs, fire disasters, and water damage.

Smoke & Fire

Global’s process is highly effective on smoke odors from fires. Our Ozone Chamber effectively removes all smoke smell from any garment, textile, or soft good.


When damage occurs to garments, textiles, and soft goods by water, Global’s success rate at removing tough restoration soils and odors is extremely high.


Heavy winds that cause property damage can also affect garments, textiles, and soft goods. For example, broken glass, roof damage, insulation and dirt to water from wind-driven rain. Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners handles all of these occurrences with ease.

Cleaning of Soft Goods

Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners has made advancements in soft goods (shoes, sneakers, purses, handbags, stuffed animals, etc.) restoration. In the past soft goods that were classified as not repairable can now be restored. 95% of soft goods brought in for restoration can be returned to like-new condition.

Most soft goods are cleaned in a non-abrasive way. Washing of goods in cold water and a detergent mixture will loosen any soil or soot that is on the item. Other specialty or delicate items are cleaned by hand to insure that these soft goods are back to their pre-loss condition.

After the items are cleaned they are carefully dried, inspected, and ozoned. Any remaining damage from smoke or water as well as odors are detected and corrected. The items are then inspected for a second time, stuffed with tissue and wrapped separately before being boxed for return to the policyholder.

Pre-Existing Conditions: Not every item can be restored, unfortunately if an item has been severely damaged by the loss it will be impossible to restore to pre-loss condition. Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners knows that some garments have pre-existing damage which includes but not limited to food stain, paint, moth-holes, tears, missing buttons, snaps-clasps-beads-sequins, broken zippers, discolorations, fading, oxidation, holes, pulls, damaged linings and garments that cannot withstand the cleaning procedure. Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners will never charge for a garment that is unable to be restored.

Cleaning of Area Rugs

Area rugs are generally the most common item affected during a fire and water loss. The cleaning of area rugs requires great detail of attention.

The key to cleaning a rug that has been affected by smoke, soot, or water is to understand its construction and delicate fiber material. Hand woven rugs are each unique, therefore require a specialized cleaning process that best address their individual condition.

Customer Service

Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners takes pride in delivering the very best in customer service. We will stand behind our claims and make sure that all parties are satisfied with the end result.

Email notifications will be sent during all steps of the restoration process.

Policyholders will have the account managers personal cell phone number to contact for questions or any additional services.

Account managers will provide assistance to the policyholder when putting together clothes and shoes for the emergency order.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you set aside a weeks worth of clothes and shoes for each family member. Don't forget, if you have any special occassions in the near future, let your account manager know and he/she will help you separate the items you need.

Just let your account manager know and he/she will note in your file and handle appropriately! If any of your items are valued at $150.00 or more, please point them out so we can list them on your declaration sheet.

Please try to check your garments while you're collecting them, however, if anything is found, we will secure it and return it to you.

All account managers provide their customers with their personal cell phone numbers. You can contact them if you need anything throughout the process!

The Global Garment Process

Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners takes a great deal of pride in restoring garments, textiles, and soft goods to their pre-loss condition. In order to accomplish the very highest quality of customer service, Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners used these steps to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Ozone Cleaning Technology

One of the best features of Ozone is the ability to control odors by attacking the offending organisms and it is a lot more potent than simple ions, which cannot possibly kill substantial amounts of bacteria.

When the oxygen (O2) that we breathe is all around us rises to the upper atmosphere, and is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, that oxygen is naturally turned into ozone (O3). That is the “ozone layer” that protects us from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Since ozone weighs more than air it naturally falls back to earth. This is the ozone that purifies our air and water naturally. Without ozone nature could not cleanse and purify our planet.

Ozone one of the most powerful sterilant in the world and its function is to destroy bacteria, viruses, and odors.

Ozone cannot be stored or transported because of its unstable tendency to break down quickly, so ozone must be generated on site through an Ozone Generating machine that is enclosed in a room. The ozone process destroys smoke and its inherent impurities plus odors from pets, cooking, and other household sources.

Because gaseous ozone is highly reactive, it readily oxidizes (breaks down) organic matter. When the ozone encounters another compound, one oxygen atom will break away, attach itself to the compound, and oxidize it. Ozone actually breaks down odor causing compounds, thereby eliminating the odor and changing the ozone back to oxygen (O2).

Ozone acts substantially faster up to 3000 times than chlorine as a bactericide, and it is the strongest oxidant commercially available for air and water treatment

About Us

Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners is a Garment Restoration Company. For over 3 years we have brought our Dry Cleaning expertise to all types of losses. Our company has extensive knowledge with all garments that have been affected by fire, smoke, water, wind, and mold.

Our Commitment to the Insurance Adjuster Community

Communication is essential to the success of any claim. Our account manager will keep the Adjuster informed at every step of the process.

All Adjusters know that the replacement of garments, textiles, and soft goods is extremely expensive, and by using Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners the items that will have to be replaced will be greatly reduced. This is due to the attention to detail and the important steps Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners takes to make sure we can restore as much as possible. We generally restore 92-95% of all items, and if we realize that an item will cost more to restore than to replace, we will bring this to the adjusters attention.

We realize that adjusters are under time pressure to close claims faster. Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners will have all the appropriate paper work taken cared of so the Adjuster doesn’t have to waste time calling and searching.

Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners keeps the policyholder informed on every step of the Global Process including email updates on how their clothes are being handled and all policyholders will have the account manager’s personal cell phone number in case they have any questions or need additional services. We pride ourselves in customer service, so we feel that keeping the customer informed will reduce the need to bother the Adjuster.

Upon completion of the job our account manager will contact the policyholder to insure Complete Customer Satisfaction.

Policy Holder Information

Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners knows the policyholder is going through a very stressful period. So we want to do everything we can to alleviate some stress.

Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners provides a 24 hr. emergency service. We will clean a weeks worth of clothes and shoes for you and have it delivered within 24-48 hours even if heavy smoke damage has occurred.

We realize that adjusters are under time pressure to close claims faster. Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners will have all the appropriate paper work taken cared of so the Adjuster doesn’t have to waste time calling and searching.

Your clothes will be completed generally between 7-14 days after pick-up.

Depending on the severity of your loss, Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners can store your clothing and valuables at our warehouse facility.



Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners is the sister company to Royal Family Remediation LLC. Chris Gulledge Jr. started Royal Family Remediation LLC 6 years ago with the hope of delivering the very highest quality and customer service to the Philadelphia area. He worked very hard to make Royal Family Remediation LLC. a household name in the area.

4 years ago Chris started to share his knowledge of the business with his wife Irma Gulledge. He taught her many things about the business, but the two most important lessons he taught her was to treat every customer with courtesy and respect, and to always provide exceptional customer service.

In 2017 Chris felt it was time for Irma to take over the internal operations of the business. Irma began taking the company to a new level by providing new services. One of those services was Restoration Garment Cleaning. They suddenly became well known in this area of the business due to their exceptional customer service.

Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners was created to separate the garment restoration end of the business with the construction and restoration end of the business. Global Garment Restoration & Cleaners values all the relationships it has developed throughout the years and continues to build and cultivate business relationship.

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